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Enginuity was built to help people discover socially relevant content that can improve their understanding and knowledge.

Enginuity is a search engine and content analytics platform that indexes and ranks content based on social engagement (social shares, likes, tweets and comments) and the understanding of context in content and the social conversations about it.

Global brands, agencies, businesses, PR firms and schools use Enginuity as their day-to-day search and content analytics platform

Enginuity gives them instant, meaningful insights into a wide variety of questions and topics. Everything from content marketing optimization, spotting emerging trends, measurement of public relations effectiveness, content curation, business intelligence and presenting opportunities to optimize organic and paid media campaigns.

Enginuity also integrates with many other platforms which include HootSuite, Salesforce.com, Evernote, Pocket, Storify, Outbrain, Buffer and Yammer

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Help people discover, understand and share remarkable information.

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