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The Search for Content is King



Over recent years, sites such as Twitter, Facebook Linkedin, Youtube and many more have exploded onto the internet and into our everyday lives. We have seen the power of social media on social change in recent times with the democracy in the Middle East, the fast apprehension of people who trashed the city of Vancouver during the Stanley Cup Riots or the “Rally to Restore Sanity” held in Washington DC and organized by the Daily Show by social media which drew 200,000 people to attend.
People of all walks of life are now able to connect with each other on a personal level never before seen and the ability to quickly form groups of people that have common interests and themes.

If you thought social media is just a fad or not that big to your business or personal needs then stop and take a look at media in general. Look at billboards, posters, TV commercials and Magazine ads. Where do they point you to on the web? Their website?


Facebook? Twitter? …

You got it!

Social networks are powerful but not being used in the correct way by businesses, organizations, brands and publishers. Social networks allow you to connect with people, customers, users, friends, family, acquaintances on an individual level regardless of time and geographical distances. The current trend in business is to follow a traditional media advertising approach on social networks. While this seems like a good idea as it has proven to work for several years now tracking impressions and clicks of digital ads on webpages it does not address one main concern of the future. Mobile.

Mobile is a big problem” in the marketing and advertising area. If ads become obtrusive and alienate users businesses could suffer as users become more easily frustrated with ads taking up valuable screen space. – Ken Sena

Content is the real driver for the future here. Sharing content about your organization or a message is a non intrusive and informative way to connect with people.

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Generation Y. You’ve heard that they don’t watch TV, and you’ve probably been told that they don’t read that much newspaper and magazine content. Research tells us that you can’t target them through MTV anymore, and you certainly can’t tell Gen Y what is cool. So how do you reach these 71 million Millennials? that spend over 200 billion dollars annually and will soon replace the baby boomer generation as the largest percentage of the workforce? The answer is simple you STOP advertising to them.

References: Gen Buy, US Census

Generation Y is more interested in content in the booming information age. They are selective in who they listen to and base many purchasing decisions on what the common community of the internet has to say. Enginuity helps you find the socially relevant content on the web, and share it with your audience. Be it viral videos, user reviews, fun images or webpages, all this content is very influential and useful to them and they know this! By taking the content that matters and sharing it with your social media audience what ultimately will change peoples minds on items they are considering purchasing is the content they read and are influenced by. Social media is becoming the defacto network for its ability in customer reach of a message both on the computing and mobile platform.