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Enginuity Search in the Classroom



There’s no question that search and social media are impacting the classroom. Recent studies show that “94 percent of teachers say their students equate research with using internet search engines“. The number of educators who now welcome social media into the classroom is growing. At Enginuity we recognize services such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are an integral part of a 21st century education.

As a social search company we believe strongly in the technological trend of leveraging Big Data (the mass amounts of content across the web and social networks) for students and teachers in the classroom to benefit from.

With the release of Enginuity Education Edition, school’s can contact us to add their official web domain which gives students and teachers free access at signup to our education edition of search helping them to further achieve greatness.

Academic edition of Enginuity is a unique offering for internet social search providing the following:

  • An Ad free search experience
  • 1-click social sharing
  • The ability to save results for note taking and referencing later on through Evernote and Pocket.
  • Trustworthy search results that are spam free
  • Secure search results that have been scanned by our real-time cloud Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam scanners.