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Social Popular Search + Social Front Page = Awesomeness


Rebel Mouse, is the new web service that wants to be the front page to your life on the internet.

On first glance, it looks like a digital newspaper of your social life, organized on Pinterest. After you spend some time on the site, it becomes clear that it’s much more than that.

Although people are great at updating social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, their personal websites are a constant source of embarrassment. Rebel Mouse is a social front page to let people know who you are. It lets you connect your Facebook and Twitter to a homepage that constantly refreshes itself. You are also able to rearrange posts so that you have a level of editorial curation that supersedes what Facebook and Twitter alone provides.

This form of content curation is quite simply put beautiful. – Enginuity Search Team

At Enginuity Search we are happy to be releasing the new feature which allows members to share content they find resonating with people across the web directly to their Rebel Mouse front page.

“Brands are dying to become publishers, but they know that they are bad at it. Rebel Mouse should help them be good at it…” – Paul Berry, Founder RebelMouse

We believe this feature is an awesome addition in sharing great content.

Enginuity Search @ RebelMouse

Happy Sharing!