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How much private information do you give away?



I’ll start off by asking you this:

“How much information does your search history reveal?”

If you are curious check your search history on any of the public search engines. I bet they have been keeping track of it for a long time and using it for their gain.

If you are an Executive, VP or business owner how much confidential information are your employee’s potentially revealing by using the public search engines? As an academic professional how much information are you or your assistants potentially revealing while doing research?

This recent article produced a lot of social relevancy among people (59k shares across social media) attempting to clear their search history before revised privacy policies took effect essentially revealing a lot more information then most would like to give away.

Real privacy is a concern which is why a SaaS search engine like Enginuity has your interests best kept in mind regarding your personal information and search history. We don’t track you and we don’t sell your information because you and your organization are our customers and our community.

We invite you to become a member of our growing community of users who want to keep their search history and personal information private.