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Announcing new innovative content analytics designed for any organization!


It used to be enough to just monitor pageviews, clicks and social media links. But with billions of conversations happening daily, across the web we are missing out on a lot of valuable insights from all that information.

Over the past year we had some great conversations with our users and discovered that something was missing in helping you convert all this information into wisdom.

As a team, we put our heads together and focused on building a new content analytics platform to help you measure engagement and understand opinions expressed from the web and social media. Giving you new ways to uncover what people are saying about your content, your brand, your products and your competition so you can make more informed decisions.

We made it simple, fast and easy to get started!

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In the upcoming weeks we will be sharing new interesting ways to monitoring user sentiment, gather insights for a competitive advantage, gain valuable market research intel and help you track and optimize your owned, earned, paid and organic content.

Stay tuned!