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Read The Web Faster With ReadQuick and Enginuity

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Ever wonder if you could search and read the web faster?

It’s simple with Enginuity Search and the ReadQuick app. The intriguing ReadQuick speed-reading app for the Apple iPad let’s you read faster and comprehend more information than you ever have before.

How might I do this?

Step 1: When searching for content on Enginuity you can directly share individual search results to Instapaper. Instapaper allows you to save interesting web pages for reading later.

Step 2: Once content has been saved to your Instapaper account open your ReadQuick app on the Ipad. ReadQuick has direct Instapaper integration which will import the saved content from Enginuity.


That’s it! You now can start to read content faster and retain more information easily in just 2 steps saving you time.