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by @EnginuitySearch

Introducing Smart Search Trends from the Social Web

In the digital age, it should come as no surprise that search trends follow the rise and fall of cultural trends. Enginuity Search Trends provides you a way to find out instantly how much interest there is in a given topic for today! It … Continue reading

Find Great Recipes from the social web with Enginuity Search

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Social Insights for Strategic Culinary Management

How do you determine what recipe to cook? When trying to decide on a dish to prepare for culinary management it is a simple question to ask yet arriving at an answer not so much. A lot can be riding … Continue reading

Educated Hal

by @EnginuitySearch

Enginuity Search in the Classroom

There’s no question that search and social media are impacting the classroom. Recent studies show that “94 percent of teachers say their students equate research with using internet search engines“. The number of educators who now welcome social media into … Continue reading

Increased Web Traffic

by @thehal84

How Social Relevancy Drives More Web Traffic for Search Marketing

Social Relevance is a serious component to any search marketing strategy according to a recent study conducted on How Consumers Find Websites The combined ranking of content based on keywords, meta tags, body of the content, back-links, social media shares … Continue reading

Searching for good content is hard

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Building a strong social media presence is hard work

At times it can seems like an up road battle to attract new followers who value your brand and what you stand for. At Enginuity Search Media we know this first hand, we wanted to really connect with our followers, … Continue reading