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The 13 Benefits of Great Content Curation


First off, what is content curation? Chances are it’s something you are already doing; when you determine what content to share with your audience, that’s content curation. Technically, content curation is the process of making decisions about editorial content so that your audience is more involved with your organization. This is often done by gathering and sharing pieces of information from the internet that will strengthen your brand and enhance your goals.

Why curate content? You may ask. Well, curation of content is a way to define yourself online. When done well, content curation can be just as important to communicating the objectives of your organization as your mission statement.

Let’s take a look at the 13 benefits great content curation can do for you:

    • Answer common questions
    • Demonstrate your expertise
    • Make you more findable
    • Inspire more sharing
    • Conduct competitive research
    • Extend brand reach
    • Stay abreast of news
    • Build credibility
    • Conduct target market research
    • Create a marketing channel
    • Uncover Trends
    • Lead Generation
    • Highlight industry connections

Once you’ve decided that content curation is worth the effort how do you get started?

  1. Define a topic
  2. Define your audience
  3. Search for sources
  4. Gather and Filter
  5. Publish


  • Good introduction to content curation.

  • Hi there, good article. I’m curious. What are your favorite curation platforms to use and why?