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We care what other people think, so let’s benefit from it!


On a search engine, if you entered “buying a smartphone” you are likely to receive a series of irrelevant search results and a bevy of sponsored ads. Not all of the search results are unrelated. Some will prove fruitful, but it may take some time-intensive trial and error before you wean the helpful results from the not so helpful results. Yet with Enginuity when you perform the same search with the query “buying a smartphone” on web search or review search you will discover the following:

2811 people have shared, commented, liked, tweeted, and voted CNET SmartPhone buyers guide as a excellent source to find the right smartphone.

The public feeling and opinion rating of the first result is very high among people across the web.

CNET recommends the Iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

You then decide to do a technology reviews search on the Iphone 5 and make the following discoveries:



The Iphone 5 is rated very highly among top tech review sites like Tech Radar, Gizmodo and CNET with social participation past 5K.

You quickly find a popular review from gottabemobile.com providing an in-depth customer review of using the phone for the last 2 months.

The in-depth review is very positive and 15 people publicly agree with the sentiments of this article.

Now as a comparison you decide to do a technology review search on the Samsung Galaxy    S3 and find out the following:


9522 people really like the very positive Tech Radar review on the Galaxy S3.

252 people think the camera on the Galaxy S3 is great from dpreviews.com

1317 people seem to agree and value the review from CNET comparing data speeds of the Iphone 5 vs Galaxy S3 concluding the Iphone 5 has overall better bandwidth performance.

In a matter of minutes you where able to gain insights into the ideal smartphone that would be a good buy and popular among people for its design, performance, feel and quality.