Enginuity for Business

More search features, analytics campaigns and additional team members to take your insights to new levels.

79/mo USD


5 Analytics Campaigns

5 Team Members

8,000 Content Quota

Customer Support

All standard Enginuity features

149/mo USD


10 Analytics Campaigns

10 Team Members

10,000 Content Quota

Customer Support

All standard Enginuity features

299/mo USD


20 Analytics Campaigns

15 Team Members

25,000 Content Quota

Priority Customer Support

All standard Enginuity features

No Obligation

Cancel Anytime



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Harness the power of social intelligence

Enginuity is an easy to use platform that taps you into the intelligence of billions of online active users to listen to and understand their opinions about your content, your brand, your products, your market and competitors.

  • Analytics & Insights

    Get detailed metrics on all your content for every social network. See how many likes, shares and retweets you get at a glance!

  • Team Members

    Invite your whole team to share and analyze tracked content. Anyone can manage your accounts.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Discover trending opinions, topics and real emotions from the social web with Enginuity's innovative sentiment analysis with support in 27 languages.

  • Customer Support

    Get all the answers you need about account management, billing, and Analytics services.

  • Measure Conversations

    Get detailed sentiment analysis of content and the conversations about it instantly!

  • Export Data

    Easily share social analytics data within your organization with export tools for Yammer, RSS, Excel and more.

  • Smart Reports

    Get reports delivered right to your Inbox highlighting trends and anomalies from your campaigns as they happen.

  • Track Shared Content

    Share content out to your Social Networks or Social Media Management tools to track and measure engagement from each channel.