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We help you extract sentiment and get actionable insights from reviews & social data to drive strategy and stay current in today's market.


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Instantly discover and monitor travel reviews from TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia, and more.



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Gain Intelligence

See the impact of your content, where people are talking about it, measure sentiment and stay informed to drive better decision making.


Complete monitoring of all travel review sites and social media sources.

Expert social media analytics, sentiment analysis & social relevancy scoring.

Easily Analyze and share statistics and reports.

Listen to conversations from across the globe in 27 languages.

Premium plans start at $29/month with no long-term contracts & a 14-day free trial.

Capture the conversations that matter most to your business.

Uncover what people are saying about your brand, your services and your competition.


Measure the Sentiment of Your Audience

Sentiment Analysis that understands real opinions and human emotions like love, joy, confusion, anger and yes sarcasm too. Simply monitor and measure the emotional response of your audience.

Understand the Attitudes and Opinions of Your Audience

View All Social Networks

View All Social Engagements

Immediately learn where your content is receiving the most social attention. Enginuity Analytics shows the social share activity across all the major networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Buffer, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Youtube, Vimeo, Hacker news and more.

Instantly Export and Share Data

Export data analysis of your monitored content via CSV or Excel, RSS or instantly with your colleagues via social collaboration tools like Yammer.

Export Data

Smart Email Reports

Smart Email Reports

Get smart email reports delivered right to your inbox when any changes with your content analytics campaigns occur, helping you to identify anomalies and trending content.

Advanced Filtering & Sorting

Instantly search and filter by author names, titles and keywords. Sort your content by social shares, publish dates or even negative comments.

Advanced Filtering & Sorting

Team and Organization Management

Team & Organization Management

Easily manage access to your content analytics campaigns with your organization and teams. Invite others to join and collaborate with.

Listen to Relevant Conversations

Listen to the social conversations regarding your content so you can respond efficiently to it from Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, Reddit and more.

Social Media Monitoring

See Exactly How Your Content is Perceived

See Exactly How Your Content is Perceived

Easily identify engaging content so you can bring innovative storytelling to life that drives long-term purchasing activities.

Search and Save Content

Quickly save amazing content from your search results with Enginuity so it can easily be monitored, analyzed and curated.

Search and Save Content

Social Relevance for Discovering Trends

Identify Trends and Forecast Possibilities

Discover uptrends with your content so you can quickly invest and optimize your Ad spend with content distribution platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo Stream Ads, Linkedin Sponsored Stories and more.

Know Your Numbers with Content Analysis Reports

Evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns, new product launches or brand reputation. Easily identify which social channels perform well and determine the overall audience perception to your efforts.

>Know Your Numbers with Content Analysis Reports

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